Nature at home and activities on site

We want you to have a wonderful time at Millennium Wood. We have produced a beautiful colouring sheet and an I-spy sheet suitable for both adults and children. You can also download a map of our site.

Our Bug Bunch encourages young rangers to visit all our sites.

It is our aim to make our sites as accessible as possible. Working with Sight for Wight we have produced an audio/video guide to Millennium Wood. Hello Everyone is actually a very useful and interesting tool whether or not your sight is impaired. We have also written an Access Statement for this site.

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Colouring Sheet

Download Millennium Wood Colouring Sheet and Print from browse

I Spy at Millennium Wood

Click Here and select file print in your browser

Millennium Wood Map

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Become A Bug Bunch Ranger

There are 31 bugs to collect in total, 1 on each of the Gift to Nature sites. If you manage to find 10 of them, you will earn a Bug Bunch medal.

Get started by choosing a site to visit. At the entrance, you will see an activity pillar. Which bug does it show? Record your discovery by writing the name of the site next to the bug on this downloadable sheet.

Enjoy your visit at that site then choose which one you’ll explore next…

Click Here to download your Bug Bunch Ranger’s Log Book and select file print from your browser

Hello Everyone

This access code is designed to give an audible description creating a mind’s eye view of the area to allow a visually impaired person to enter with confidence. It will describe the entrance, the size of the area, where to find further information or help and any major obstacles or features. Information has been produced by visually impaired people ensuring it is useful and accurate.
Access by scanning using a smart phone or tablet with internet access and the audio description can be played directly or downloaded.

Access Statement for Millennium Wood

We have written an Access Statement for this site. It is designed to aid access and help enjoyment for people with a variety of disabilities, and none. Access Statements include more detailed instructions on reaching and entering the site, details of what obstacles and facilities may be found and descriptions of internal paths. For people with sensory disabilities and neural diversity we also detail what can been seen, heard, smelt and touched.

Click here to download in your browser