Our Projects

Gift to Nature is a the flagship conservation project of Natural Enterprise a Isle of Wight based charity set up in 2000. In 2016 we took on the management of most of the Isle of Wight Council’s countryside estate, to add to our own existing Gift to Nature sites.

Alongside managing these green sites we also undertake projects focus on improving the Island for people and nature. Further details of each project are available on the side bar of this page.

Gift to Nature Tree Nursery

In response to the growing climate change and biodiversity challenges there is an increasing community desire to plant trees which we would like to support. As a result we have set up a tree nursery and when fully established will make 1,500 trees available each year. The nursery will focus on native species and its main aim is to provide enough trees to replace any trees which fall or have to be felled on our sites, But also to, support partner and community tree planting initiatives. We have produced a planting guide to make sure trees have the best chance of survival.

Access For All

The  National Lottery Community Fund are funding Access for All – a project which aims to make all 32 Gift to Nature sites more accessible and fulfilling for everyone to enjoy. It’s not just about physical improvements to sites, we are also improving interpretation, increasing activities and volunteering opportunities and creating a ‘Nature at Home’ sensory experience.

Rolling Programme of Site Improvements

We have a rolling programme of improvements to our sites. This is determined by need, opportunity and access to funding.

Our current site improvement projects are:

  • Working with Totland Parish Council to integrate a new site – Turvills Field – into our portfolio.
  • Working with Natural England to introduce grazing to Rew Down Local Nature Reserve in Ventnor.
  • Working with Natural England and Godshill Parish Council to improve the condition of Munsley Bog, to replace the boardwalk and to add a Troll Trail.

Visit the project page to view a full list of our site improvements since 2016.

Best By Bus

See more of the Island without the hassle of a car. We have produced four leaflets highlighting some of the best the Island has to offer, all easily accessible by bus. So get on board, enjoy the view from the top deck and check out Beast, Beauty, Birds and Beaches by Bus.

Historic projects

These are some of the projects we have been involved with in the past.