Activity Pillars

Every Gift to Nature site has an Activity or Information Pillar. These help you make the most of your visit.

At the top of each pillar there is a QR code. This links to an audible description of the site, especially designed to create a mind’s eye view of the area to allow a visually-impaired person to enter with confidence. It also has a visual element and is therefore of interest to anyone.

The pillar then features a map and short description of the site.

The QR Code below the map links to the specific site Resources and Activities web page from which you can download the site map, an I Spy! sheet and even a colouring sheet to your phone. You can also download the Site Access Statement. Although specifically designed for people with mobility or sensory impairments, it is full of information useful to anyone who is visiting.

The Activity Pillar also features a bug. This is part of our Bug Hunt Game.