Feeling sheepish in Newport!

The sheep are back! Yes, our visiting four-legged mowers are back on duty at Pan Mill Meadows, Newport. Our work to restore this meadow to safe grazing condition last year seems to have paid off – they are enjoying the grass.

Although some of them have horns, they are not goats – sheep do have horns too. 

Grazing our meadow is a great way to keep the grass short without mowing it, and one of the best ways to keep grassland rich in wildlife. Sheep are not only fun to watch – they are also fantastic natural mowing machines that will really help with maintaining this important habitat for wild flowers and insects in the heart of busy Newport.

Here they are, enjoying the shade just a few yards from the Asda development site nearby. If you want to pay them a visit, make your way down the cycletrack south of Matalan, or up towards town from the Shide end.