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Let it Bee Campaign

We raise awareness of the troubles bees face, along with fundraising for essential bee research and conservation.

Bees are the world’s most extraordinary pollinating force, ensuring that commercial crops, wild flowers and trees produce the fruits and seeds that feed a huge array of other wildlife (and us!).

Bees have suffered in recent times from the decline in the wildflowers that give them the nectar and pollen that they need and from the loss of safe nesting places. Donations raised this year will help to continue to improve the new Bee Reserve in Newchurch, and start to identify new potential reserves in other previously undiscovered sites.

So far we have:

  • funded a major piece of habitat research on the south coast of the Isle of Wight.
  • funded a study of a little field in Newchurch where we spotted some unusual bees.
  • funded emergency habitat protection and creation in the Newchurch Bee Fields to protect rare species.
  • contributed to national bee research.
  • support the annual Isle of Wight Hedgelaying competition.
  • promote planting of fruit trees and other nectar sources.
  • manage several sites to promote food source for wild bees.
  • planted a new meadow at Chilton Chine. Click here for details of Chilton Chine.
  • made a grant to VERA’s allotment hives.


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